Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Meet Walks Like Elephant.

The weather has finally changed, and it was warm, sunny, and generally beautiful today. I thought, since I have a porch, I would make my exam studying more bearable by sitting on my porch and working. So at 8 a.m., I dragged my chair, my lap top, and my papers outside, complete with glass of water and sunglasses.

I was there for about ten minutes when my upstairs neighbor (who shall be referred to in this post herein after by her Indian name, "Walks Like Elephant"), dragged out her chair. Then her radio. Then her cigarettes. She turned that thing up so loud the bunnies in the bushes went running for cover, and began to puff like the puffer fish.

When she started tapping her ash onto me, I got pissed. Do I ask her politely to stop? No, because nothing can be asked politely when you have to scream over ten decibel music.

Then, inspiration struck. American Girl miraculously came onto her radio--a song I am rather fond of. So, I began humming loudly to the song. Then I tapped on my railing. And then, I began singing along.

The bunnies ran even further away, and Walks Like Elephant went inside.

This all probably makes me sound childish, but sometimes, you need to give into the urge to stay sane. Also, loud music at 8 a.m.? I wasn't the only one that was irritated. I could hear the doors slamming, the huffs, and the windows snapping shut. I was just the only one that was aggressively passive-aggressive.

I'll be nicer when exams are over. I promise.

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