Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Entry With No Title.

This is a blog entry on how I don't want to write one.

It's been a lazy Mother's Day, and I would like to continue to be lazy and law on the couch and watch movie with my mother. I just want tot take a shower and go to bed. Yet, that just will not do.

I need to write. Must. Keep. Going. Somehow, I will break through this two year slump and remember how much I enjoyed the writing, the release, the creativity.

Has anyone else noticed their profession ruining their enjoyment of TV shows? For example, if you're a med student, do you HATE Grey's Anatomy, though once you vaguely enjoyed it? I can't handle Law&Order anymore, and even watching movies with legal issues in them drives me bonkers. Weird.

I'm missing Vor. He's coming on Wednesday, complete with Devil Dog.

I have nothing else for you.

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