Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Hey Mr. Postman!

Is there a message in your bag for---BANG! Jekyll the dog hits the door and barks at the mailman. The mailman freezes.

Hey, Mr. Postman! Seriously! I need that message in your bag for me. Don't run away!

I'm not kidding either. The mailman was poised on the verge of flight, having locked eyes with Jekyll. Never mind that Jekyll would hold a flashlight for a burglar. It's the fact that Jekyll has a deep, scary bark--it's what I like to call a "sub-woofer."

Ha, ha. I am hilarious. Anyways.

The mailman thought fast about running once I appeared in the door. Guess he didn't want to appear wimpy in the eyes of the female in the business suit. But, actually, his next move was pure genius--he pulled out a dog biscuit and slipped it through the mail slot. Jekyll picked it up and ate it.

Now, he can't wait for mailman to come. I can just hear him changing the lyrics of the song to, "Is there a biscuit in that bag for me?"

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