Monday, May 12, 2008

Meet Grace.

Hi! ::waves madly::

No, my real name is not Grace. Sorry. Though, it is part of my name, and a nickname for me, used only by five people in my real-time life. I'm from Buffalo, the land of snow, ice, and chicken wings hot enough to melt the first two things. And if you're mentally translating chicken wings into "buffalo wings" then you're kidding yourself that you've ever had a chicken wing.

I knew I needed to leave Buffalo for law school when one of my college room mates looked at me and said, "NO WAY. I am not letting you go to U.B. (University of Buffalo) for law school." I love Buffalo, but I think it tends to suck you in. It's hard to leave, and easy to come back, so its much easier to just stay in the first place. Therefore, I left.

After various unsuccessful relationships (though some became very successful friendships) I found Vor through friends. After several entertaining scandals and more drama than I am used to, we started dating. And, so, we are poised to be married in about three months.

My sister and brother are both older than me--I was a bit of a surprise. My sister, Scrappy, is married to Prankster Dentist, or for short, PD. They have four fabulous children, Prada, Scout, Jeter, and Jedi. My brother, Pilot, is married to Tuscon, with Blossom, Brick, and bringing up the end of the niece and nephew train, Squeaker. My mom told me that she wants three grandchildren out of me, that way she could have an even ten. Vor told her that we could have one, and she would have an even eight. I'm not sure she thought this was funny.

I love rowing, volleyball, swimming, and walking. If I could, I would do all of these with my nose in a book.

This is probably the most specific thing I will tell you. I am (was--but am, this is something you never really give up) a synchronized swimmer. Yeah, go ahead and laugh. I can drown you and keep you company underwater while I do it. Over the years, I have competed on national and collegiate D-1 levels, with some truly amazing people. Competitiveness is in my blood; in my family, we are pretty sure it is a gene. Even my oldest niece, Prada, who claims to have no inclination towards sports, is the most competitive shopper I have ever seen. Although I'm not swimming anymore, it has touched my life just as profoundly as merely being born has. Ask anyone who is a competitive synchronized swimmer. It creates, molds, and defines you, long after you leave the glitter and chlorine behind.

Truth be told, I went to law school because it was either that, grad school, or back to the retail shop I had worked at for four years. Grad school was out, because I had no interest in being a professor. I was pretty sure that if I stayed at the retail store one more moment, a regular customer was going to be missing a limb. (I was in a mechanic type business with repeat customers. Try being a girl in a mechanic business.) So, law school it was. As soon as I entered law school, I felt out of place, but my first summer helped me find a purpose--public interest and child advocacy. And I'm decent at it. And I love my job.

I love to cook, but I am a feminist. I am a feminist, but not in bra-burning extremist way. I love wine, but I don't like drinking. I love dancing with my friends, but I'm not a fan of clubs or loud music. What I'm trying to say is that I know the value of compromising.

Enough. Seeing so much of me on "paper" make me want to hit the delete key, so I better post this before I change my mind.

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