Saturday, May 10, 2008

Takes Your Breath Away

I had to do a bunch of things for the wedding yesterday. I'm back in Buffalo, exams are done, and it is time to get serious about the biggest party of my life.

So I called the florist for an appointment, the priest, the reception hall, the photographer...oh wait, I still need to call him. I had a hair appointment to figure out how to deal with my mass of waves and curls, and miraculously, I found my shoes.

A moment for the shoes--I don't do heels. I am a sneakers and flip flops kind of gal. So this process of finding shoes has been painful (literally). I pull out flats, and my mom/sister/niece/friend rolls her eyes. I pull out white Sketchers sneakers, and they take them away from me (I bought those anyways). Everything I tried on was too high, too small, or had no back. And then I found these--amazingly, by a designer called Grace, how appropriate--and they were comfy and only fifteen dollars. Perfect. The Battle for the Shoes was over.

So I bebopped home, dragged my mom out of the garden, and tried on my dress with my shoes and my earrings. And my mom starting crying.

"What?" I asked anxiously. "Is it the shoes? I can take them back. Or I can get a different hairstyle. It's okay!" My mom sniffed some more. "No," she said, "you just take my breath away."

I was such a sweet moment that I didn't want to tell her the dress was literally taking my breath away. Exam time always packs more weight onto me, and so, it is time to shed the exam and stress pounds.

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