Monday, May 26, 2008

You want me to be...what?

Social? You want me to socialize?

Sheesh. You'd think I was entering the professional world, and that my husband to be was already in the same professional world. You'd think we have to network. To socialize.

Oh, wait. We are. And we do.

So that was this weekend. We decided to try mixing friend groups this weekend, and I had some of my friends over (Vintage and Velvet) and Vor had two of his friends over. That was fun. Our first experience at entertaining. Then we had a party that involved people from our professional spheres. That was fun as well. Then we had a party at his Mom's house. Great food, and again, fun.

How did I end up over-socialized if I was having fun?

Sometimes I feel like the little kid who gets over-stimulated and needs to go sit in a quiet room for awhile.

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