Saturday, June 21, 2008

Can't You Just Stop?

I need an off button on my brain.

My mom, my siblings, my family, my friends, even Vor--they were all concerned when they heard what my line of work was going to be. Working with children who have been neglected/abused/other? Sounds hard. How do you leave it at work? Doesn't it get to you? I have patiently explained that yes, sometimes I see terrible things, but sometimes I see truly beautiful and amazing things too. The beauty and joy in the end tend to stick in my head more than the pain.

Except. Except. The Indiana Supreme Court has handed down a decision that makes me shudder. I understand it in the context of the case they were looking at, I guess. But oh, Lord, the precedent it sets.

Apparently, it's okay to beat your children with belts or extension cords now.

I've seen the damage that even good-intentioned parents cause. Why do we need to give another legal tool, legal defense, to those who would do this any ways?

I'm not exaggerating when I saw this precedent is horrible. I've already seen cases slip out from underneath us and others, all because of this great new defense. Lower courts are apparently a little wary in thumbing their noses at our Supreme Court. Imagine that.

It's a Saturday, and I'm working overtime in an effort to pull together as much ammunition I can for another little kid, one I don't want to get lost in this system, in this precedent.

Maybe tomorrow I will be able to not think about it.

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