Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Sleepwalking World Champions

Sleepwalking runs in my family.

I have done this countless times, though my most memorable occasion involved waking up, outside, in three feet of snow, with my school uniform on at 1 a.m. I even had my lunch and books with me. I guess I was waiting for the bus. Equally memorable was the time my alarm went off. I thought I shut it off, got dressed, and ran out the door to crew practice. As I was "driving" to the river, my phone rang, and my coach screamed into the phone until I really woke up.

What is that? The reverse of sleepwalking? Realistic dreaming? Even once I was awake, I kept insisting to my coach that I was on my way, and I didn't know how I ended up back in bed.

My niece Prada yells about fireworks in her sleep, and my nephew Jeter has asked his Dad repeatedly where his space ship was. My other nephew, Jedi, has tried to use the laundry room for a bathroom, and has told me, insistently, that his mom told him it was the new bathroom.

Oh, did I mention that Prada fights in her sleep? Because she does. She must have learned those moves from Scout, my oldest nephew, because they sure are effective, and painful.

Blossom, Brick, and Squeaker have not shown signs of sleep walking yet. Maybe it only runs on the female side of the family.

I do think that one of my old team mates wins the prize on sleepwalking activity. In her sleep, she took a hairnet and put it over the toilet seat. When we found it in the morning, we connected the dots, because we had all heard her whimpering in her sleep about the toilet monster.

Apparently, hairnets keep the toilet monster where he belongs.

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