Wednesday, June 4, 2008

That's Ms. Tofu to You!

Today was my first attempt with tofu.

It was smashing, if I say so myself. I had always sworn I would stay away from it, until some was snuck into my pad thai at a Thai restaurant. I thought, hmmm. Maybe not so bad after all! And then, I discovered it at the bottom of my miso soup when Vor and I were eating sushi. The clincher was opening my newest cookbook and seeing a recipe for chicken and tofu.

Perfect! In case the tofu sucks, the chicken is a backup. It was foolproof. And yes, it was delicious. At least, I thought so. Vor will have to tell me later, as he has crashed on the recliner chair and is determinedly sleeping through the wonderful aroma filling the house.

I couldn't wake him for the life of me though, he looks so peaceful. I also happen to know how tired he is--we've still had crazy thunderstorms going on, and last night was no exception. Between the thunder clapping and lightening flashing and basement potentially and semi flooding and Jekyll the dog getting up and running around and the street becoming a river once again, there was little sleep to be had.

You know what he needs to wake up and have energy to finish the day?


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