Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I Believe You Have My Stapler.

I fought the office stapler.

I lost.

Do I really need to tell you anymore?

Okay, fine. It was a heavy duty stapler, stapled through easily 150 pages of a legal memo/report for the court. And once I stapled it, I realized that the other four copies did not have Exhibit J, because for some reason, the copy machine decided it wanted to own my soul.

I traipsed back to the copier, stapled original in hand, and grabbed the staple remover so that I could get Exhibit J. Just for reference, the exhibits went up to "O". Also for reference, I am not what you might call a "copy bitch." We all do our own copying, faxing, and typing here--we have no paralegals, we are a small not-for-profit organization. Ahem. Just to clarify.

The staple refused to budge. I mean, I could literally hear it say, "Yeah. Make me." I finally had to get scissors to pry it apart, and then slide the pages painstakingly off, one by one. It took almost an hour to assemble some damn copies, not mention the small little outburst that had one of my supervising attorneys checking in on me and looking very concerned.

Well, they were concerned until they saw the stapler, at which point, they slid carefully away.

I'm pretty sure that means they lost to the stapler at some point too.

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