Sunday, July 6, 2008

I Have Fertilizer And I'm Not Afraid To Use It

I would like to take this moment to point out that my wedding is only 40 days away, not counting today. That my dear readers, is not very long indeed.

I am a total slacker, and I need to get some things done. But somehow... I have just stopped caring.

All I want to do is marry Vor and be done with this process.

At first, we wanted a wedding that was small, manageable, and intimate. Like the size of a potted plant. Controllable. Then we discovered the wedding HAD to be in Buffalo. That made the wedding more like one of those weeds that grows uncontrollably until you kill it.

Did we kill it? Nope. We fed the beast.

It's now more like a giant leafy tree, due to what we term "cronie additions," aka, friends of our parents that we never knew, let alone knew existed. I wanted to be married outside, somewhere in the mountains, in a simple ceremony with maybe a barbecue lunch. I think Vor likes that idea too. Now, we're in a church with the formal reception.

I know I probably sound ridiculous and ungrateful, but I'm not. It will be wonderful to have all my family and most my friends (we had to finally draw the line before the tree became a redwood tree). It will be memorable, and most importantly, we will be married at the end of it.

I wanted a small potted plant, and I got a tree. Oh well. They're both still pretty.

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