Monday, July 21, 2008

I'm Coming Home

I've been away for only a few days, but somehow it felt like far too long.

I left on Saturday morning, early, to go back to Buffalo for the bridal shower. I did the family reunion, the going out, the shower, the packing, the long discussions about choices.

I came back on Monday morning.

And I realized, as I was sitting next to Vor in the car, coming home from the airport, that he is so much more than friend, husband, lover, playmate, counterpoint. He is my filter, he is my sounding board, my sense of humor, my hankie, my source of all that is good and right, and my home. Not that life is perfect, but that the imperfections help me, help us, grow, and they are wonderful in their own way.

It might be ridiculous that I'm not telling him this, while he sits here giving Jekyll the dog a good petting, but...

I love you. Come back and read this any time you want.

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