Thursday, July 24, 2008

Oh, you mean MY courthouse!

I am walking around in utter bliss and amazement.

I'm sure it must feel like this for anyone who takes a job in a professional field that requires some specialized training. Doctors must look at those tools like, seriously? You want me to do what with that? I mean, I know I trained for it, but really... I don't know...

Yesterday, I did something amazing.

I litigated. I handled a trial all by myself.

I went to law school not being sure I wanted to be a lawyer, but convinced that if I did, I was NEVER going to see the inside of a courtroom. I left my first summer convinced I could never work in a law firm, but terrified to be in a courtroom. And now, I am addicted. I am going to follow my supervising attorney around the courtroom tomorrow like a puppy dog looking for an ear scratch, looking for a chance to cross examine, please just one little bit!

I just never knew I could do it until I did it. I never knew it was for me until I tried it. I never knew I would love it, need it, until I tasted it.

I am the shy one, I sit in the back, I don't speak in class, and when the professor calls my name, my face turns as red as a tomato. Yet, I did it. With flying colors.

I'm hooked.

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