Monday, August 4, 2008

12 Days

It's August 4th. We get married August 16th.

I can still tell you what I was wearing the first time we went on a date. I can tell you where we were the first time we met, and what we talked about. I remember the first time he sent me flowers, the first time he kissed me, and the first time he told me he loved me.

So where did the last three and a half years ago? I'm pretty sure my memory isn't normally that stellar.

Vor is sitting next to, creating the wedding program, while I create some DJ music lists. We still have to make payments, do placecards, etc., but the fact is, this event really is here now.

I just wish this had been an easier few weeks leading up to the wedding. I don't want to look back at this week, and think, "Gee, that's the week we were miserable because Vor was taking the Bar," or "Gosh, the wedding... yeah, the was the week the dog got really sick and we didn't know what to do."

On a lighter note, my wonderful friends, Velvet, Vintage, Mocha, and Wildcat got me a Victoria's Secret gift card. Yes, yes. That was put to good use. I'm sure Vor will agree, when he sees it later.

12 days.

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