Friday, August 1, 2008

For Love of the Dog

Dear Jekyll,

I never knew you when you were a puppy, but I've heard tell that you were a meeper (as in, one who makes a meeping sound), and generally, a cute fuzzball Golden Retriever. Of course, your philosophy on retrieving has always been, "You throw, you retrieve."

While you lived with Vor's family, you lived the life of a king--doughnuts, toast, hotdogs, and other goodies were your food. Then, you came to live with Vor, and all the goodies disappeared, substituted with Science Diet, Large Breed, Adult, Lite.

You love to be brushed by Vor, and you law with your paws wrapped around his leg. You love having your teeth brushed with that chicken flavored toothpaste, and you like to be vacuumed. Your tail is a force to be reckoned with, and it has knocked over many an unsteady T.V. tray table. You stand on your head, and put a paw over your eyes when someone pets you. When you law on your side, and I say, "Stretch, puppy!" you stretch out your front and back legs as far as they will go.

When I was horribly sick, you climbed onto the bed with me and wouldn't leave until I was better. You love Vor best and first, but I am your favorite play time buddy.

Oh, my sweet puppy, you are sitting in a vet's office, anxious, scared, and blind, while we try to figure out what happened, and how to fix you.


Grace and Vor

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