Monday, September 1, 2008

Abandon to Begin.


Yes, I left you. I am sorry. No good reason--just my wedding, and honeymoon, and all. Yes, that is a good enough reason!!! Stop your whining.

I have abandoned my family to start a new one. I'm in the process of changing name (thank you Social Security Administration for such lovely, fun times), and trying to make people use my new name. I am abandoning my name.

We abandoned all the wedding stress, and had a lovely honeymoon in the great state of Colorado. Really, people, you need to go there. It was just breathtaking (not just because of altitude) and inspiring, and romantic (heh, heh. I know what you're thinking). It was great to leave the stress behind.

And now, we have abandoned the fun times to return to normalcy. Except that part doesn't feel like abandonment--

It feels like beginning.

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