Wednesday, September 10, 2008


On my way from school to home, I saw three car crashes. None looked too serious, from what I could tell from the sides of my eyes.

I refuse to rubberneck around at car crashes. I hate it that people do that, and slow down so they can get a better look. Yes, I know--we all feel the pull of curiosity. Resist it, for godssake.

In my brief glance over at one of the accidents (it had just happened, and I wanted to make sure someone had a cell phone) I saw the face of one of the individuals. He wasn't shocked, scared, or angry. Just pale and sad. It made me wonder what other crashes he's had in his life.

I know I should be writing some uplifting blog about how great the honeymoon was (amazing) or how much fun it is to change my name (it's not), but the truth is I saw that guy's face, and I understood. I feel the same way right now. Pale, and sad.

Don't get me wrong. Vor is great. We are great. We are so happy (relieved!) to be married (finally!), and we are just all kinds of cuddly and nauseating. But now school has started, and I have an hour and a half commute, every Monday and Wednesday. I am away from the person who knows me and understands me best for the three most stressful days of my week. The work is overwhelming.

I feel like a car crash. I am the intersection of all these things.

I am pale, and tired.

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