Monday, November 24, 2008

By Someone, I Mean My International Law Professor

When someone hands you 100 pages of reading that you need to be able to explain to the classroom at large, and that you is me, you panic.

Then, you relax a bit because that someone promises to send an email drastically reducing the amount of necessary reading.

Then, you enter into a swearing fit because their idea of "drastically reducing" the ridiculous amount of reading was to require people to "skim" certain sections.

However, because you, aka me, are on call, you do not get to skim.

You get to read all 100 pages.

Oh, and someone may also make you crazy by adding an additional fifty pages of reading the day before, in class.

I will never finish this.

In other news, I have a hearing on Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving, that no one is prepared for. And my other Clinic clients have gone crazy again. And exams are starting soon.

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