Monday, November 17, 2008


My family... they're just classic.

So here, have a classic moment or two:

1. My niece finally admits that it is not likely she ever date Nick Jonas.
2. Nephew #1 can actually rest his chin on top of my head, and hits on a girl at his "fight class" in front of me.
3. Nephew #2 makes me a giant poster. GIANT. POSTER.
4. Nephew #3 is up to my chin now, when informed that he is a cute, replies in a matter of fact, long suffering manner that he is fully aware of this problem.
5. My brother in law tried to go to a formal event in camo overalls and a tie. My sister almost had a melt down.

It's not funny on paper... but that's because you didn't see me trying to get my family to guess the name of the band Def Leopard without making a sound.

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