Sunday, November 2, 2008

Makes me wanna...

Having left over food makes me miss the dog.

Seeing giant posters of an adorable puppy for the movie "Marley & Me" makes me miss the dog, and makes me want a puppy.

The calendar of cute golden retrievers we have in our kitchen is not helping with either of the aforementioned items.

You must think I'm crazy. I understand. I should just get over the dog. He was suddenly and unexpectedly sick, and he has gone to a better place. I was really attached though... When Vor and I first started dating, Jekyll was a given part of life. I thought I was marrying Vor, and getting the dog too. (Oh please, don't take it like that. The dog had nothing do with why I married Vor.)

I guess it was just a lot of life changes, all at once.

Here, have some pictures.

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