Monday, November 17, 2008



It really does induce strange things. See, e.g. the constellation on my face. It also brought on the extreme, well, ahem... sassyness... that my patient husband has put up with for the last few weeks.

Okay, seriously? I have been downright hostile. And I apologize.

But for some reason, it all vanished while I was in Buffalo. Yeah, my clinic clients still bothered me, and yeah, the weather was miserable, but there is nothing like my niece and nephews to lighten the mood.

Mirable, (yes, that is a word, and I adore it) it all stayed vanished when I came home. All I could do was smile at Vor, hold his hand, and snuggle up. Bliss.

There is no vanquisher of stress like a husband who reads in bed with you while you fall asleep.

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