Thursday, November 6, 2008

So Call Me a Whiner, I'm Just Venting

Top ten signs that it is not a good day:

1. You find yourself curled up in bed with an exam book.
2. You must continually leave the bed to answer the phone calls from your crazy clients, who have all just done really stupid things (I am an intern at the school's legal clinic).
3. The guy leading the cycling class was either hitting on you or telling you that you suck. Either way.
4. You can only think about cookie dough. And chocolate. And cookie dough and chocolate.
5. You are pretty sure there is an actual scratch on your eyeball. One that requires a lengthy and expensive visit to the eye doctor.
6. Your husband says, "I really have no idea when I'll be home." (Not his fault)
7. It's seventy degrees outside, but your feet are so cold that they are almost blue.
8. Your family calls to pick a political fight.
9. Your family calls AGAIN to pick more political fights.
10. You give in to #4 and create chocolate chip cookie dough. And now, you must not eat the dough or the cookies.

Sheesh. I'm going to meet Vor for dinner.

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