Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The String Game!

For anyone out there reading with kids, I have a FABULOUS New Years Eve thing for you.

First, you get a giant roll of string for each kid. Then you get some cool but trivial prize (for me, as a child, it was a box of those butter cookies... you know, the kind you can stick a pinkie finger in the middle of and eat the edges off).

Next, wind the string all over the house. I mean everywhere. Under furniture, through things, etc. Make it ridiculously difficult. (Oh, you can keep it confined to a room as well... my sister limits her kids to the basement)

Hide the prize and attach the string to it.

Give the kids the string, and make them roll it up (no pulling, bunching, or otherwise cheating - you have to rewind the string).

I swear, this kept me diverted for hours on New Years. My sister has repeatedly done this to her basement with her four kids, leaving the adults free to party for hours upstairs, while the kids engage in this form of string twister and climb all over each other.

Once, I even had to bring a muffin of apology to my niece Prada because Vor and I had made her line of string so difficult.

I can't wait to do this to my hypothetical kids.


LawMommy said...

I've been meaning to ask you this for a while...are the names of people in your blog their actual names or fake-blog-names?

I seriously wish I had a niece with a name like Prada. Mine are all named from the top-ten-names of the early 2000s lists...

Graced said...

I'm sure my niece wishes her name was Prada. Alas, she is just a fashion plate, and that is my nickname for her.

Though her real name is fairly unique too.