Sunday, December 14, 2008

Thank You, Already!

I am a horrible person. Scratch that. Vor and I are horrible people. Why? Because it is December. We got married in August. And we are just now sending out thank you cards.

Now, let me defend myself. Vor took the bar barely two weeks before we got married. The dog died. So, those gifts that came in before the wedding? Thank you notes didn't get sent out for those. My bad.

We came back from the wedding. We got back to our home at about five in the evening, and I was up at five the next morning, going to class, doing the commuting thing. Vor started his brand new job. He got slammed with work, I tried to adjust to commuting, school, and working.

And, holy cow, it's December. When did that happen?

I got a VERY snarky Christmas Card from a relative, reminding me in a very passive aggressive way to have a merry Christmas while I wrote her thank you card. Would it be easier if she included a stick on return address label?

Why, yes, thank you.

What's really sad is that her gift actually arrived the day Jekyll the dog died. I cried for a very long time.

Thank you's are coming, people. Keep your pants on.

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