Thursday, December 4, 2008

Too Bad It's Only A Wish

If I had a wish that I could use for anything, no matter how impossible, I know exactly what I would use it for. (Of course, there is the standard world peace, but I'm taking that for granted and moving on)

I would wish, just for a few hours, to have my paternal grandparents back, so that Vor and I could have tea with my grandma and papa.

Caveat--I love my maternal grandparents too. But I never met my mom's dad; he died just after my mom got married. I remember my mom's mom very vividly, but she died when I was about 7ish. My paternal grandparents were a huge part of my life growing up, and I am just as sure that if they had been around, my maternal grandparents would have been too.

My grandmother could direct a mean cup of tea--before her arthritis got really bad, she made the mean cup of tea. It was always perfect. She was sharp, politically aware, and way too into college football. She could carry on a conversation about anything. She taught me how to sew, and how to make applesauce. She bribed me with ice cream to take naps when I was younger. I learned how to play cards, how to play checkers, and how to make cool crafts.

My papa could make toast like no other. It was always sourdough bread, browned to perfection, with real butter slathered on top. He would put the plates on top of the toaster oven, so that the plate was nice and warm when he handed you the toast. He made tea for my grandma when she couldn't anymore, and he taught me how to mow a yard. He set up a fort for me in the garage attic, and would play with me ceaselessly in the basement. He also let me use up cans of his shaving cream, while I made "pies." He was a pattern maker during the war, and had actually turned down a chance to play with the NY Yankees for that job. He made puzzles for us, wooden Christmas decorations, and the manager for my nativity set. I like to think he and Vor would have had much to talk about.

I lost my grandmother a few days after I turned 16, and my grandfather a few days after I finished my freshman year of college.

I took ivy this past summer from their garden--the people who live there now were gracious enough to let me do that--and used it in my wedding bouquet.

Of all the things I could wish for, I just want a good, solid, tea time with them, so they could meet my husband.

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