Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Garage Sale

Come one, come all. We have merged our stuff, and now we must get rid of it.

Oh wait, you have no idea who I am or where I live.

Too bad for you!

Stoner Kitties!

Because the law school is an hour and a half away from where Vor and I live, I stay with a friend, Velvet, during my very short school week.

Velvet has two cats.

Now, I am no lover of cats. I am a dog person. And, cats make me sneeze, they climb all over anything, and no matter what anyone says, I know they are actually too dumb to be trained, not too arrogant. Though arrogant they are.

Two days ago, I experienced my first cat on cat nip. It is an experience like no other. They were crazy, they were jumping, leaping, flipping, playing, etc. When they began to tire themselves out, the gray cat decided she was a hippie. She was rolling around on the floor, and rubbing up against Velvet and I. I could practically hear her say, "Yeah, baby... free love... here's some love for you, and you, and you..." The other one just got incredibly hungry.

After seeing this, I'm pretty sure cat nip is drugs for cats, and that Velvet has stoner kitties.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


On my way from school to home, I saw three car crashes. None looked too serious, from what I could tell from the sides of my eyes.

I refuse to rubberneck around at car crashes. I hate it that people do that, and slow down so they can get a better look. Yes, I know--we all feel the pull of curiosity. Resist it, for godssake.

In my brief glance over at one of the accidents (it had just happened, and I wanted to make sure someone had a cell phone) I saw the face of one of the individuals. He wasn't shocked, scared, or angry. Just pale and sad. It made me wonder what other crashes he's had in his life.

I know I should be writing some uplifting blog about how great the honeymoon was (amazing) or how much fun it is to change my name (it's not), but the truth is I saw that guy's face, and I understood. I feel the same way right now. Pale, and sad.

Don't get me wrong. Vor is great. We are great. We are so happy (relieved!) to be married (finally!), and we are just all kinds of cuddly and nauseating. But now school has started, and I have an hour and a half commute, every Monday and Wednesday. I am away from the person who knows me and understands me best for the three most stressful days of my week. The work is overwhelming.

I feel like a car crash. I am the intersection of all these things.

I am pale, and tired.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Abandon to Begin.


Yes, I left you. I am sorry. No good reason--just my wedding, and honeymoon, and all. Yes, that is a good enough reason!!! Stop your whining.

I have abandoned my family to start a new one. I'm in the process of changing name (thank you Social Security Administration for such lovely, fun times), and trying to make people use my new name. I am abandoning my name.

We abandoned all the wedding stress, and had a lovely honeymoon in the great state of Colorado. Really, people, you need to go there. It was just breathtaking (not just because of altitude) and inspiring, and romantic (heh, heh. I know what you're thinking). It was great to leave the stress behind.

And now, we have abandoned the fun times to return to normalcy. Except that part doesn't feel like abandonment--

It feels like beginning.