Thursday, January 29, 2009

Cleaning Kitty

Law students need humor to survive. Thus, noon to 1 p.m. is the time when my friends and I swap stories and generally crack each other up.

Somehow, today, we got onto the subject of cats. And oh, do I have a cat story for you.

My mom and dad used to have this lady as a neighbor, CL (crazy lady). I'm not kidding about the crazy. She once took a bath in jello. (This is the point where every guy I have ever told this story to asks, "What color was the jello?" Except Vor. That's why I married him, you know?) CL also had a giant grey cat. This cat was so big that when it would lay on the refrigerator, its head would hang over one end, and its butt would hang over the other. Its leg to tail span was pretty impressive.

This cat was never allowed outside.

One day, CL decided it was time for spring cleaning, and as she was bustling about, she opened a window on the second story, to let the dust out while she worked. While she was dusting something, she turned, and saw the cat on the back of the couch near the window.

The cat looked at her. She looked at the window. The cat looked at the window.

The cat made a flying leap for window, as CL made a flying leap for the cat. Just as the cat cleared the window, CL got ahold of its back legs, and the weight of the cat pulled her most of the way out of the window. CL used her legs to keep herself from falling out while she and the cat dangled.

Just then, my mom pulled into the drive way, and looked up to the window where they dangled.

CL called, "Oh, hello! Just doing some spring cleaning!" And proceeded to shake the cat out, flapping the cat like it was a rug.

To this day, my mom cannot tell that story without starting to snort with laughter.

Neither can I.

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