Saturday, January 3, 2009

Filling Out the Bar Application

Do you remember everywhere you've lived, address and all, since you were 18? 18 wasn't all that long ago for me, and I still don't remember.

Also, could you please tell me everywhere you've worked since you were 18? Oh yeah, give me their addresses as well.

By the way, we'd like you to do the impossible and navigate New York State's scary Department of Motor Vehicles Which Makes All Things Impossible, just to get a driving record that says you have no record.

We'd also like one from Indiana, because, hey! That's where you live now. Yes, Indiana, I am very aware I live here now, because I am filling out your bar application.

Oh, and that time the guy in the truck with no license plate rear-ended the person behind you, causing the poor kid to hit you, and then you both watched him peal away from the scene of the accident? Yeah, that one! Well, we'd like to point out that you are in limbo regarding that, because you were driving your dad's car, so we weren't sure how to fill out an accident report on that. Great. Thanks.

But we want that report, you know?

It's sooooooooooooooo relevant to passing the bar and being a lawyer.

In case you weren't frustrated enough, we'd also like a list of all court cases you've been involved with. My God, I hope this doesn't mean my time as a certified legal intern, because that is a very long list. I went to court almost every day!

Oh wait--while you are filling out this form, at your wit's end, we'd like to ask you about your mental health.

You should have asked me before you made me tackle New York State's scary Department of Motor Vehicles Which Makes All Things Impossible!

Tis the season for bar applications.

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