Monday, January 19, 2009

Humiliations galore! *

After having a few years of law school under my belt, getting ready for class isn't as anxiety-producing as it used to be.

During my first year, I lived in terror of being called on, and when that dreaded event happened, I would turn as red as the sweater I was inevitably wearing, making my face indistinguishable from my clothes.

In fact, I became so nonchalant about this process that when I was called on last semester, the first day of class, my first class of my 3L year, just barely more than 12 hours after I had gotten back from my honeymoon, with none of the class work done, I easily answered and bluffed my way through. It felt pretty damn good to be able to do that.

Why, now, is my stomach tight, and my heart racing, as I prepare for class this week?

Oh, wait, I remember. Ms. I-hate-speaking-in-public-but-I-am-going-to-work-as-a-litigator-to-save-the-small-children is taking two classes that involve speaking in front of the class, every class.

And to top that off, in one class, my professor is a judge, and in the other, the professor is the guy who literally wrote the classic and often used textbook on how to navigate the Indiana rules of evidence.

Hey, a little dose of humiliation never hurt anyone. It'll be good for me.

*From The Princess Bride. What do you mean, you've never seen it? Inconceivable!

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