Thursday, January 29, 2009

Marking Time

There is one main road between the town where I go to school, and the city where I live. Every time I would leave the town, whether it was to go visit Vor in Michigan, my family in Buffalo, or Vor's mom in north east Indiana, I had to use this road / highway.

I can mark the years I spent in law school by the creation of a church I now always pass.

When I was checking out this law school, there was nothing. It was just some hilly land and pretty trees. Sometime during my 1L year, a sign was put up saying the land was bought by the church.

My 2L year saw the land get cleared a bit, and a road built to reach where they would build the church. They started construction, and began finishing that construction in the beginning of my 3L year.

Now, as I am in my last semester of law school, I saw for the first time cars in that church parking lot.

I can mark my time in law school by the building of this church. It all seems symbolic somehow.

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