Monday, January 5, 2009

Seriously, It's Not What You Think

Let me preface this: In no way am I ready to have a kid.

That being said, I love kids. And, humbleness aside, they love me. Possible because my chest reminds them of food, and I certainly have enough chest to be a meal. ::embarrassed coughing::

So, in true female fashion, sometimes I try to engage Vor in the conversation entitled What Should We Name Our Kids? Actually, it's not really a try, because he is more than willing to go along with this subject.

In order to have fuel for this topic, I browse the websites. (This is sounding less and less like an innocent curiosity, isn't it?) The winner is definitely the Social Security website.

Luis was #60 for male names. Seriously? I've never heard of it, expect for in old novels. Zaniya was #1000 for females. I'm not quite sure how to pronounce it. (Now, no offense people if these are your names. This is why they have websites like this, so we can all get exposed to really cool names. Plus, when I was young, I wanted to name my child Kalika after my invisble friend. I was convinced it meant angel of death. I was weird)

I love the name Miles for a boy. But the first one will be named for his father and for mine, and there is no wiggle room. We decided that one. I have no idea what we'll do if we have girls, and I mean that in more than one sense. (I mean, I pulled the heads off my Barbie dolls and floated them on rafts made of sticks and grass down the creek)

If by chance we have a second boy, He will be Bernard, after my grandpa. Before you tell me that he will be teased mercilessly, his nickname will be Ben, also like my grandpa.

Just so. You know, in like a decade or so.

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