Saturday, January 31, 2009

Wonderful Man That He Is

My laptop and I have some issues to work through. Communication no longer occurs between us. We've tried counseling (IT), but it isn't working. I'm afraid that I'm think about stepping out on my laptop with a Mac.

Really though, it isn't the laptop's fault. It's that stupid thing called MICROSOFT WORD.

I fought track changes in my group project for one of my litigation classes and lost. Miserably, and with weeping.

I then fought the table of contents for my criminal procedure notes (yes, I actually need a table of contents for my criminal procedures notes, as we have had two weeks of class, and I already have 40 pages of notes), and also lost. It was actually a close call this time...I was only off by one button, and who on earth would think to press the toggle field button? I wouldn't!

I delivered my bewildered laptop and accompanying documents into the hands of my capable husband, with a few choice words of what I thought about the situation.

When Vor managed to easy-breezy fix my table of contents, and then show me how to fix track changes, I laughed so hard I cried... or rather that it was I cried so hard I laughed.

Vor just looked at me, with a big smile on his face, and noted, "This would be a great blog entry!"

Yes, dear. Thank for making my $%^#$^$ laptop behave!

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