Friday, February 13, 2009

Flight 3407

Horror and relief can live in the same house.

Horror, being woken up late at night by someone who is never awake past 8:30 at night. Thinking about all the people you know and knew in the area. The people you know who take the quick commuter flight home on a regular basis.

Horror, remembering it is the same flight that makes your sister smile, because it flies over her house around 10:15 every night, and she thinks of people coming home to their families. Knowing that your niece and three nephews are only one block away from this disaster, breathing in smoke and scared.

Horror, thinking of the people you knew on that flight.

Relief--it wasn't them. It wasn't my niece, my nephews.

It makes me feel guilty, sad, and grateful. It makes me wish I was there, so I could wrap my arms around these children who are more like my siblings than nieces and nephews.

My heart and prayers are offered for all those in that community that I have always thought of as home.

Ellyce, fly high, and may angels lead you in.

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