Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Sister, Sister

I love my sister fiercely.

She is seventeen years older than I am, and for a very long time, more of a second mother than a sister. She was my second grade teacher, and she was my personal plaything. She is my godmother, my confirmation sponsor, and my matron of honor. If my brother hadn't beaten me to it, I probably would have given my first daughter her first name as a middle name.

We rarely butt heads, but that could be because I avoid confrontation (peace! love! harmony!) and she is passive aggressive (truly without meaning to be). When we do, it is more like a silent standoff that suddenly gets resolved through one of us weeping over the phone.

When I went to college, my mother nagged me incessantly. "Call you sister! Call you sister! She doesn't want to intrude! She needs to know you love her!" Thus, I learned, really for the first time, how to stay in touch with a family member through mainly phone contact.

For some reason, this has now failed me.

As I scroll though my cell phone call log, I see that over the last two months, I have actually spoken with my sister once. I have called several times a week, even several times a day. If I text, I might get a response. But a call? Nope.

I know she isn't mad at me. I know I haven't done anything. I think she's just busy. I mean, four kids, two sets of after school activities for each kid, three different schools...sounds crazy to me.

But still, it hurts. I miss my sister.

Maybe I should do something dramatic, like buy a plane ticket and show up on her doorstep.

Flowers? A singing telegram? Ridiculous ideas, anyone?

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