Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Denial, That River in Egypt

*News Flash*

Denial--it's not just for parents anymore.

It now comes in Aunt-sized packages!


My cousins are on Facebook. So are my aunts, uncles, brother... and my oldest niece and oldest nephew. Yes, I am Facebook friends with them. Yes, I write all over their walls, because, let's face it, a) they are only eight and nine and a half years younger than me, b) I luv & *heart* being the kewl ant (joking! joking!) and c) I love them, love tweaking them, and they love me and the tweaking, too.

Also, I had to get a text messaging plan for my cell phone because all of my nieces and nephews text me so much it was costing me a fortune. Thus, I am very well versed in text-speak (IDK, my BFF, Jill, anyone?)

We send picture messages to each other like crazy.

And there's the denial, right there. Has anyone seen this article? Because it's scary. Sexting. What a God-awful, but accurate term.

As far as I know, they don't do this. I know they have been raised better. They are very confident, polite, modest, and involved kids. Seriously. This is not me bragging, this is a consistent commentary from anyone who knows them. Vor likes to refer to my family as the Von Trapp family. They break into song all the time, they have co-ordinated dances and lyrics, and once, to prevent me from leaving to drive back to law school, instead of taking out a part of my car's engine, they all decided to climb into my trunk. YOU try getting three boys and a girl out of your car trunk. It's hard.

Anyways. I used to say, they would never. Now I say, as far as I know, and I don't believe they would. I still believe I am right. I would put money on it. I can't express how strong my faith in them, my sister, and my brother in law is. But. But. They have their own laptops, their own cell phones, and their own rooms. There is always a but.

I see my sister again soon. I plan on dragging all this information out with her, just so she knows. Let's face it--my sister is a cool mom, but I am waaaay closer in age. I pick up on these things, most likely faster (mind you , I would never underestimate mother's intuition. My mother is uncanny. I just mean latest trends).

In the meantime...I feel a research project coming on. While I still have all this free Westlaw access.

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