Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sunday Blog Salad

Ahh, a blog salad. A mishmash of things that kind of go together, things that don't really go together, and the things that you have left over in your refrigerator.

Lettuce: The meat of the matter. My criminal procedure book is one thousand six hundred and seventeen pages long (1617 just in case writing it out was not impressive enough for you). Also, I have two supplements and endless articles on e-reserve that my professor has written, because He Is Kind Of A Big Deal (which I really am not joking about). I have to take a deposition next week for one of my litigation classes, and I have a trial coming up for my other litigation class. Some where in there, I am still a research assistant. Who is supposed to do be doing research. Oh! And! My professor, who is my research professor, who I cannot say no, has asked me to handle one of her classes, because it is on a topic I am well versed in. Sigh. School, though it is ending, is the lettuce of my salad, the meat of my life.

Vegetables: Let's face it, they are there because woman cannot live on lettuce alone. By extension, if I don't really want it, yet I cannot live on school alone, that must mean this part is about... the bar! Yes, that thing that will let me get away from school. I used to think that I would always want to be a student, that I loved learning with an undying passion, and that I was too afraid of the real world to ever leave academia. WRONG. Law school cures you of such notions. I have everything turned in, and my anxiety over the whole process has calmed. I've created a fun schedule (HA! Fun! Schedule! Bar Exam! All in the same vicinity!) for the summer, which really is half the battle for me in dealing with stuff like this. I'm ready to get my hands dirty (not dirrrty). Ah, the bar exam, the vegetables on my salad of life.

Croutons/Cranberries/Almonds: Face it, they are delicious, sweet, and totally there for fun. Vor and I went to Target today and got an orange card with an orange envelope to send to my sister Scrappy's youngest son--Jedi. He just got his orange belt in karate. Also, I made chocolate chip cookies. Vor's sister got a new job, which we are all excited about. All these sweet little nothings make the salad great, and in the end, add up to a whole lot of something.

Salad Dressing: It sets the whole tone of the salad. Seriously. Basalmic vinegar. You know, with just the right amount, it's postively delicious, but when you get to the bottom of the bowl, there is too much, and it's a vinegar overload (read: stress overload). I guess I just won't eat the stuff on the bottom, then, will I?

That's a blog salad for you. Total mishmash, but totally true.

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