Saturday, April 18, 2009

Call Us Classy

Apparently, there is this time honored tradition for law students to take part in a bar review.

No silly, I am not talking about the classes you take to study for the bar. I am talking about walking all over law school town, Indiana, hitting every bar in town that any law student in my class has possibly visited in the last three years.

Have I ever mentioned that I have only had one shot in my entire life? And that one glass of wine makes me silly? And that a single beer makes me do things, like dance on the stage at the nasty bar / dance club?

So, like a smart woman, I have conscripted my husband into attending this event with me, even though he is (a) not from my law school (b) not interested in wearing the t-shirt required to get into these bars without cover, (c) already a lawyer.

Given my low tolerance, and Vor's seeming endless amusement at my buzzed antics, this should be interesting.

Especially when we get to part he has not yet seen--the part where I start dancing on the stage at the nasty bar / dance club.

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