Sunday, April 19, 2009

Meet Jedi

It's dawned on me that I have told you ad nauseum about my adorable, perfect, cute, talented, etc., nieces and nephews. Yet, you have yet to meet and greet them. Well! Aren't you just lucky then today.

Meet Jedi.

There's just something about this picture that says volumes about the kid, no?

He is the youngest of my sister's brood. For a few months or so, we were really concerned that he was hearing impaired, or had a serious speech problem, etc. That is, until my brother in law jokingly told his young son, "Go get my cell phone. It's on the chair under the desk." Almost a half an hour later, the tiny kid came back with the cell phone. Voila! Turns out, it was a different kind of learning problem, one easily conquered.

He is an expert at being cute. He is hilarious. Literally, side splitting.

Classic Jedi: Brother in law says to him, "Who are you? You're not mine. I don't know you." And so on. Jedi, after about ten minutes of this, says, "Listen. I am the last child your wife pushed out. Deal with it." And walks away. My brother in law had to crawl to the phone to tell us, he was laughing so hard.

He is a Star Wars junkie, can recite all the movie and cartoons to you, and has his room decked out in space gear. Every year for Christmas, I buy him a Star Wars calender.

He first met Vor when he was about four, proceeded to climb on his lap, and claimed Vor as his own. Out of all of my nieces and nephews, he is probably the most attached to Vor. They are kindred souls (as in, they can totally geek out together).

That's Jedi. Impishly endearing.

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