Saturday, April 25, 2009

Disaster is a Soup

...and I have the recipe. Here is a complete recipe for failing your last exam:

Three giant servings of "I'm a 3L, and I don't care."

Add an equal part of "I'm a 3L, and they will never fail me."

Boil together, adding a cup of 80 degree weather for the next two weeks.

Add a pinch of "Sheer Bliss That I Don't Have to Commute an Hour and a Half Away Anymore."

Add a dash of sheer exhaustion and desperate desire for more sleep in my own comfy bed.

Sprinkle with "It's Criminal Procedure! How Hard Can It Be?" and serve.

On that note, maybe I'll go study some more. But, it is awfully nice outside... I can study outside, right? Right?

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