Monday, May 18, 2009

In Which I Emerge and Babble

If I left my yard unattended for ten days, I bet I would be appalled at the grass, the weeds, the leaves, etc. Fortunately, a blog just sits quietly, marking the place where you last left it, waiting for your return. Anyways.

I graduated! Yay!

I start bar classes tomorrow! Boo!

I spent the last ten days scurrying around, collecting and herding family, celebrating Mother's Day with a nice breakfast, then went out to Buffalo to see those small creatures that call me Auntie. Small might be an exaggeration, as two are taller than me now, and the other two are up to my chin. Rationally, I know I am a genetic member of this family. Irrationally, I think I was left on the doorstep by a much shorter and solid person. Height complex aside, I love seeing them. They crack me up, and then they snuggle up to me and Vor, and we just melt. It's always nice to just be with my parents and sister too, with no rush or pressures. In fact, I destroyed a perfectly good pair of sneakers in the name of my sister's garden. They are so caked with clay and mud as to be beyond repair.

Oh! And! Vor and I saw Star Trek--I know, huge surprise, right? I bet it will surprise you even more when I tell you we loved it. And he saw it again (insert jealous face here).

In my down time from studying for this massive beast of an exam, I'll be browsing the local houses to see what's for sale. Yes, it is that time, that time that comes in every newlyweds' lives: house hunting (I can just see the collective shudder out there).

Oh, and just I was about to end this, Vor reminded me of two glorious things: (1) my fabulous coach briefcase from my parents, and (2) the long awaited, much anticipated, drooled over, longed for: iPod Touch. Oh God. I get the chills just thinking about it. Vor especially ( and Mama Vor, and his sister too) are amazing. I just love the thing.

I know this has been a train wreck of a post, but, well, what can you do?

I think there is orange sherbet calling my name. With strawberries.

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