Monday, June 29, 2009

Bad Ant

I'm in a routine (rut?). I get up, bright and early, go to the gym, go to class, study, come home, make dinner, lightly study.

I'm in such a routine that I never bothered to check my schedule this morning until the gym, after the shower, after breakfast, after getting all my books ready to go. I HAVE NO CLASS TODAY. God. I could be sleeping, but nooooooo, I can't check a stupid piece of paper the night before when I'm on automatic pilot.

So with all my spare time, I have a confession.

May and June are chaotic months. The last two days in May are the birthdays of a niece and nephew (Blossom and Brick--no, not twins, my brother is just a really good planner), then June is my birthday, my brother's wedding anniversary, my sister's birthday, my aunt's birthday, my nephew Jedi's birthday, the anniversary my grandma died, my nephew Jeter's birthday, and my sister in law's birthday.

At least Christmas is consolidated into one, no?

So amidst the bar studying and all the other birthday chaos... I was a bad aunt (or ant, as my they like to call me). Somehow, I missed Jeter's birthday. I was studying all day, came home, and just fell onto the couch, and never really moved. I had a nightmare about missing his birthday, then woke up and realized I really DID miss it.

So I called, and of course, like a true 12 year old, he didn't care.

I am, however, terrified to call my sister. Help?

Bad, bad, bad ant.

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