Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Distraction, Thy Name is Dog

I have a hugely impressive schedule, mostly due to the hugely impressive (oppressive?) amount of work I have to get through.

I've worked 16 hour days in my former life as a sales girl / mechanic. Draining. I've worked lots of 10 and a few 12 hour days in the legal world. Also very tiring.

Working anywhere between 8 and 12 hours on studying for the damn bar exam is so much worse. Not quite sure why. Just is.

Also, now reduced to incomplete sentences.

Anyways. We went to a friend's wedding this past weekend (oh my God! I left the house! panic ensues! how will I possible get all my work done if every waking hour is not devoted to this pursuit! what is the down time you speak of? etc.) and afterwards, collected their dog, and headed back home. See, while they are frolicking on a beautiful island, I am frolicking with their dog (not to be confused with detour, for anyone out there who is thinking about agency and partnership).

Since Ms. Thing has been here (well, that's what I've been calling her, for no apparent reason, though when I say it, it usually comes out as miz thaaang) my life has gone something life this:

Wake up. Pet. Pet. Love and affection. Study. Pet. Pet while study. Study while pet. Hugs please. Flash card while throwing tennis ball. Pet. Pet.

I'm kind of hoping all the petting and pathetic eyes being made at me are the reason why I just did so miserably on this particular set of property questions.

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LawMommy said...

Maybe I'm wrong for saying this, but you need to keep the studying to eight hours a day. EIGHT.

The only way I had a handle on it was to spend 9 to 5 at the law school, either in the Bar Review lectures or in the library.

Wait, I'm sorry, there was also two weeks when I threw my back out and had to watch the bar review lectures on DVD in bed. Which kind of sucked.

But, still. Keep it to eight hours or you will start to crack.