Thursday, July 9, 2009

There's Something to be Said for Rambling

What? It's July? I only have two and a half weeks left before I take the bar? I have massive amounts of studying to do before then? I am going to have a breakdown?

Why would you say such awful things to me?

...Maybe because it's true?


I just had to tell Vor to stop reading over my shoulder. I mean, he is one about three people who read this, so that defeats the purpose of having him read it later, no?


Anyways. I'm still pretty zen about this whole thing, which in itself is a little scary. So in my zen-ness, I have turned to house hunting (in my spare time, people, spare time).

I NEED: a kitchen big enough to fit us both; two bathrooms; three bedrooms.
He NEEDS: two car garage; no major remodeling.

Have I mentioned why we need this two car garage? Because. There. Is. A. Tractor. Coming. To. Take. My. Garage. Space. Is it clear how much I enjoy this idea? In the interests of marital harmony, we need a two car garage. I have left Buffalo, people, and I have moved into a real person house. I AM NOT SHOVELING SNOW OFF MY CAR ANYMORE. If I have to drive my car through the house to keep it sheltered in the winter, so be it.

We want: a nice backyard, fenced; to stay with 20 minutes of our work places; a nice open house.

I am sure, as a first time house buyer, there are things were are totally and completely overlooking. Things you wish you had? Things you kick yourself over? Things you never knew you always needed? (no, I am not referring to leather jackets or red pumps) Feel free to chime in.

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