Saturday, July 25, 2009

We Have Come To It At Last

News for you: There is no hole in our front yard. Alas, I say, as it might have been really amusing to watch the fallout from that one.

News for me: It's Saturday. Tomorrow is Sunday, and then it's Monday, and I check into the hotel and take THE BAR on Tuesday and Wednesday.

So, this is it. Wish me luck, send me prayers, send me thoughts, and send me all your brain waves, especially those that are on the wavelengths involving 1. tax 2. contracts 3. constitutional law 4. commercial paper. Seriously. I might sleep with those subjects under my pillow.

Next up: I tell you how much I cried/drank wine/cried into my wine afterwards, and you get to experience the joys of house hunting avec moi. 'Cause that house is gonna be bought here, soon.

...See you on the other side of the bar...

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