Monday, August 10, 2009

The Box Unchecked

Step one: meet boy and fall in love. Check.

Step two: get engaged and get married. Check.

Step three: buy house.

No check. (And of course, I didn't mean that this was my life plan, it just seems to be the way things worked out. Not that other life plans aren't fine. In fact, they are fabulous, and I never thought this would have been mine. And Vor is a man not a boy. And if I am going to qualify everything, why do I type it?)

We went on our first round of house looking a few days ago, and like many before us, we had our eyes opened. We can get what we want for the money we're willing to pay, but not in the exact area we want to live in. Or we can get less for more in that area, or a fixer-uper. The dream and the reality don't overlap--who knew?!?

I could tell you that Vor and I go head to head because we have completely opposite views of what we want, but that would be a lie. I could tell you about the houses that smelled like cat and dog unmentionables, but that would be disgusting. I could tell you about the two houses we like, and the problems we have with them, but why they're still on our list, but that would be boring.

However, that is what August is going consist of--looking at house after house, and in the end, buying.

P.S. Oh! My diploma came! And it's pretty! And it says J.D.! I think I'll go get it framed. Today. Now.

P.P.S. Our friends were here, and now are gone. Alas.

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