Friday, August 14, 2009

Don't Blink, And Always Wear Your Helmet

Here I am, happily posting away about Star Trek, and things are happening at home. Don't blink, you might miss your happiness.

My mom's in the doctor's office, and is getting ready to leave for the hospital. They don't know what's broken yet, only that she fell off her bike so hard that it cracked her helmet in half.

Broken bones don't scare me. Concussions and head injury do. And My mom's so far away, 517 miles, and I can't touch her.

Maybe this is all pointless worrying, and I'll get a call in a few hours that she has a diagnosis of stop riding so close to the bike in front of you and take some aspirin. So prayers and thoughts for that please.


Anonymous said...

Prayers sent. Keep us updated if you have specific requests.
~Elizabeth (ThatMarriedCouple)

Graced said...

Thank you :)