Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Gift Card Hell

I am irrationally angry right now. Well, maybe it isn't irrational.

I am packing stuff up, and I found all the wedding cards. And of course, I found an unused gift card in one of them. And of all the places the gift card had to be to, it was to Linens-n-Things.

Which is bankrupt, out of business, end of story.

But wait! you say. There's a new LNT that exists online only.

People, I already know this. They don't accept the old LNT gift cards.

This is the gift card saga that Vor and I have found ourselves in. We had two hundred and fifty dollars worth of gift cards to Lowe's. We were ready to buy a grill. We were really excited for that grill. Do we have a grill? No, because we LOST the TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY DOLLARS worth of gift cards. Only God Himself knows how we did it.


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