Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Repeat Repeat Repeat

I start work tomorrow. Thus ends my month off.

Now, I'm only working part time, because my organization made a rational choice--i.e., what would we do with a litigator who cannot litigate? Nothing! So I am part time, training and writing my article until I (cross your fingers) pass the bar and get sworn in.

I'm nervous about this, nervous about leaving the dog, nervous that I'll show up and they'll say go home, nervous, nervous, ninny.

Now here's something about me you don't know: I have a stutter.

I can just imagine Vor reading this; he'll go, no you don't. Well, actually, I do. It was very bad in grade and high school, but I mastered it by never talking. It's not the classic stutter; when it happens, I repeat the entire word over and over. The only way for me to deal with it is to speak very slowly (okay, slowly for my quick talking family) and see the words before they come out of my mouth.

Now imagine me in court, trying to make a quick thinking objection and explain my reasoning on the fly.

Yeah. Not exactly great for visualizing the words coming out of my mouth. Though, interestingly, lately when this has been happening, I haven't been repeating the words as much as I have been switching the words around (green frog becomes freen grog). The repeating is still happening though.

This is truly what is making me nervous. Maybe if I joined Toastmasters? Maybe I'll get used to it?

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