Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sunday Blog Salad IV

As a side beginning note, I HATE that clocks with roman numeral faces use IIII instead of IV. There, I said it. Now, for my Sunday mish-mash.

Lettuce. The dog still wins the prize as the most time consuming thing going on around here. In some ways, it's worse than a baby--at least the baby can pee in her diaper. The dog requires me to let it out at all hours of the day, which means removing myself from my very important tasks (read: from the couch where I've been watching Pride and Prejudice)(okay, that was only once, I swear). He's, uh, well, BIG. And his face is all wrinkly, which lets me know that he is going to be a huge monster. A Telly Monster. Though, he is getting better. He's becoming quite a good little dog.

Vegetables. Moving. Packing, sorting, throwing out, keeping, collecting. Dusting, sneezing, wrapping, screaming (at spiders), breaking, crying. Discovering, re-discovering, laughing. All these tiring "ings" are part of moving. And you know what? I have moved at least six times in the last seven years. I don't want to move anymore.

Croutons/Cranberries/Almonds. Um. The fact I get to go to Hobby Lobby tomorrow and pick out frames with my gift card? The fact we bought a couch last week for our new house? The fact Vor picked out a lovely frame for my J.D. diploma? Or my new running shoes, which I am going to test out for the first time tomorrow morning? Lots of little sweet spots.

Salad Dressing. Setting the tone with Rrrrrrrrranch! (Get it? Like Telly growling with his "shake 'em up" toy?) Tangy, yet smooth.

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