Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I mentioned (yesterday? the day before? something so simple as checking a date seems...meh) that I have a major piece of writing in progress, and since there is no one here to talk it out with (except the dog, but he doesn't count, because when I talk to him, he tries to hump my leg, and I don't think that's praise for my ideas) I am spitting it out here.

First, there is the problem of what to tackle first. I have a large collection of poetry, which is organized according to a theme. There are some missing connectors, some rough pieces, and so on, but it's there. But...I mean, a book of poetry? Have you looked in a bookstore lately? It seems like they will publish any long haired person with secret pain and a pen. Maybe I fit into that category, but maybe not. I'd rather hope not. I'm just reluctant to move forward with it.

Then there's the book. It's half formed in my head, and I think the best way to deal with it is to treat it like a memo or a brief. All you lawyers out there, shudder: IRAC. Issue-Rule-Application-Conclusion. This was basically what I did in undergrad, and it got me through law school and the bar exam. Thus, some form of it should be useful in this process. I felt slightly encouraged when I heard an author on NPR giving writing tips; she said keep a notebook, jot the ideas down, and then work on weaving all the small incidents together. Check. Got that part done.

A small part of me wonders what happens if and when I get this thing to the point that the collection of poems is at. Will I then say bah! They publish anyone with a pen and a bad story about dogs/mental illness/chick lit. Do I have a committment problem?

Uh, yes. I already know this about myself. I'm afraid to commit to some things because I'm afraid of failing. There's my two cent psychoanalysis of myself. When I decide I want or need to do something, I usually need to burn all the bridges behind me. When I chose law school, I firmly shut away all classic literature, locked up my beloved thesis paper, threw out all information on the GRE or GMAT or whatever the hell it was, and took on an impressive debt load so that I had to finish school, because dropping out of law school = bankruptcy.

There must be a less extreme way to go about this little project.

All I hear is the chirping of a cricket.

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